Public Roof Drivable By Cars

  • Pedestrian areas
  • Areas accessible to cars
  • Fire accress
  • Can be combined with green surfaces on the roof
  • Shallow depth build-up and lightweight
  • Inverted roof: Suitable with Building Protection and Drainage Element FKD 25 plus and FKD 60
Weight from 530 kg/m² or 5.3 kN/m² 
Build-up depth from 250 mm
Roof pitch* 1 - 5°
Load class 2 (max. 3,5 t vehicle weight)

*    Roofs with zero degree falls do not meet FLL guidelines and Optigreen Systems should not be used without consultation.

Protection, Separation and Slip Layer SGL 500 and Separation and Slip Sheet TGF 0.2

Building Protection and Drainage Element FKD 12

Base layer

  • Base layer of gravel 0–32 mm (min. 120 mm)
  • Provides load-bearing capacity and distribution and is used to create inclines
  • Lightweight build-up with Optipor

Bedding material

  • E.g. bedding stone chippings 0–5 mm (30–50 mm)
  • Screed layer for surfacing material


  • Height 80 mm minimum
  • Surface layer (e.g. interlocking paving, slabs, concrete)