Railing GWP and GFS

Optigrün safety railing systems serve as collective fall protection systems.

Safety railings for flat roofs are available in two versions:

Railing GWP: Side protection device for care and maintenance according to DIN EN 13374 class A.
Railing GFS: Delineation of escape routes and assembly points according to DIN 14094-2

Railing GWP and Railing GFS are load-bearing railing systems, i.e. they are supported by the ballast of the green roof system, the decking or by counterweights. This has the advantage that no intervention in the roof waterproofing is required and no weak points in the roof waterproofing can occur either during installation or during use. This also means that no warranty regulations are affected.

Railing GWP

  • Safety railing as side protection device for maintenance, care and repair work.
  • Can be used on roofs with a pitch of up to 5°.

Railing GFS

  • Safety railings for the demarcation of escape routes and assembly points
  • Can be used on greened or gravelled roofs up to 5° roof pitch
  • Can be designed as a single-sided or double-sided railing construction
  • with standard path widths of 1.00 m, 1.20 m or 1.50 m

All advantages

  • Collective fall protection system
  • Self-supporting construction held in place by ballast
  • Penetration-free assembly and use
  • No thermal bridges
  • No sound transmission
  • functional design


Load Green roof structure with fleece for load bearing (min. 71 kg/m² dry weight) or counterweights (25 kg/each)
Material railing components Aluminium
Height of handrail above top edge of decking/substrate 1,100 mm