Water Retention Box WRB 170

Optigrün Water Retentionbox WRB 170 on roofs used as retention areas, under extensive and intensive vegetation as well as traffic areas such as terraces, fire brigade access roads, car parks, etc.

  • With closed, load-distributing structure
  • For temporary and/or permanent storage of rainwater with regulated water discharge through a Flow Control System
  • With Capillary Bridges to transport stored rainwater from the drainage level into the substrate layer and to increase evaporation
  • High compressive strength
  • With freely flowable structure for quick distribution of rainwater within the retention room
  • Suitable for inverted roofs (when used on inverted insulation, no permanent water storage is possible)
Material  Recycled PP
Nominal thickness approx. 170 mm
Grammage approx. 11,4 kg/m²
Retention volume approx. 161 l/m2
Cavity volume approx. 95,0 Vol. %
Compressive strength approx. 800 kN/m² with
10 % compression