Public Roof Without Slope

Trafficked areas on flat roofs with a waterproofing layer at zero falls require specially adapted designs. standing water on the waterproofing or insulation layer must be separated from the base and bedding layers by means of suitable drainage systems.

Weight from 500 kg/m² or 5.0 kN/m² 
Build-up depth from 260 mm
Roof pitch 0 - 5°
Load class 1-3 (max. 4 kN/m2)


  • Height 60-120 mm
  • Surface layer (e.g. interlocking paving, slabs, concrete)

Bedding material

  • E.g. bedding stone chippings 0–5 mm (30–50 mm)
  • Screed layer for surfacing material

Base Layer

Base layer of gravel 0-32 mm or 0-45 mm (0-22 on heights less than 120 mm)

Filter Fleece FIL 300

Prevents fine particles from forming sludge in the drainage layer; high water permeability, very high robustness class GRC 5
Productdetails: Filtervlies FIL 300

Building Protection and Drainage Element FKD 60BU

Protection, Separation and Slip Layer SGL 500 and Separation and Slip Sheet TGF 0.2