CPD Seminars

We understand the importance of keeping industry knowledge up to date. At Optigrün we want to use our years of expertise to help improve your understanding of the green roof market. We offer a number of face to face and online learning opportunities to cater for all your needs, and if there is something we don’t cover, then just ask and we will be happy to assist.

Green Roofs in Practice – CPD Presentation

Designed for an audience that has had limited involvement with specifying green roofs.
This informative seminar covers:

  • Green Roof Environmental Benefits
  • Specification Considerations
  • Green Roofs in Practice: Solutions and Build ups
  • Pitched Green Roofs
  • Specialist Green Roofs
  • Vegetation and Planting Methods
  • Maintenance and Aftercare

Understanding Blue Roofs : From design to application – CPD Presentation

Increases in our urban population, the density of urban development and the effects of climate change are all placing additional pressure on our public surface water drainage systems. Designed and installed correctly a blue roof can provide a very successful surface water management solution for modern construction projects.
This CPD session covers topic such as:

  • Principles of a blue roof
  • The benefits it can provide
  • Importance of the specification process

Blue Roofs – Microlearning Article

Green roofs are already known for their ability to attenuate water, but this can now be enhanced with blue roof technology. Here the roof not only stores water but is also able to delay water discharge after a high intensity rainfall event and release it at a pre-determined rate. Optigreen’s online article ‘Blue Roofs: what are they and how are they used’ looks at how this can be achieved practically and why this type of specification is likely to become more commonplace in the future.

You can download the article here.

More information and how to book

Optigrün now offer online learning opportunities as well as face to face presentations, meaning you can pick the options most relevant to you and your needs. We offer the above seminars free of charge and provide CPD attendance certificates after completion. On site and practical training sessions can be provided at an additional fee based on requirements.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a CPD seminar or require any further information.
Email: marketing[at]optigreen.co[dot]uk
Phone: 0203 5899 400

Optigrün is proud to be a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network.