Nature Roof 0 - 5°

  • Multi-layered system using Optigreen Drainage Board.
  • High level of biodiversity.
  • High ecological value.
  • A habitat for butterflies, bees and other insects.
  • Long flowering window annually.
  • Use of recycled plastic materials.
  • Generally suitable for inverted roofs, if applicable. Minimum load for wind up-lift protection should be calculated.
Ecological value
Maintenance costs
Weight* up to 90 kg/m² bzw. 0,9 kN/m²
Build-up depth 10 cm

Roof pitch

0 - 5° 
Vegetation form Herbs-grasses-sedum
Water retention 60 - 70 %/year
Discharge coefficient** Cs = 0,4
Water storage ca. 30 - 80 l/m²
* Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 -70 % of the saturated weight.  
** Depends on slope and system solution. Determined at 0° according to FLL guidelines.  

Plug Plants and/or sedum cuttings combined with seed mix EKR

Pre-cultivated sedum, herbs and grass perennials, sedum cuttings, special seed mix with herbs and grasses on demand.


Plug Plants
Sedum Cuttings
Seed Mix EKR


  • A substrate with high water storage capacity and good air porosity, tailored to extensive multi layer systems.
  • Mounds of up to 250 mm, as required, for increased biodiversity
  • Productdetails: Extensive Substrate E

Combi Inspection Chamber TKS Plus

(not shown in the picture)

  • Simple control of roof drainage outlets
  • Extendable in 100 mm increments
  • Side and top drainage openings
  • For larger roof areas or syphonic drainage systems
  • Productdetails: Combi Inspection Chamber TKS Plus

Filter Fleece FIL 105

  • Prevents fine particles from forming sludge in the drainage layer
  • High water permeability
  • Productdetails: Filter Fleece FIL 105

Drainage and Water Storage Element FKD 40 (4 cm)

  • Rapid discharge of surplus water
  • Prevents accumulation of water on non-pitched roofs with minimal or no drainage falls and over long drainage runs
  • Good water storage capacity
  • Productdetails: Drainage and water storage element FKD 40


Protects the roof membrane against damage and stores water
For inverted roofs use the Optigreen Trickle Protection Fleece RSV 120 instead of the RMS Fleece

Productdetails: Protection and storage fleece RMS 300