Filter Fleece FIL 150

Filter fleeces are horizontal filter layers between drainage, substrate or gravel layers. They are used to separate the various layers and prevent fine particles of the substrate from being slurried into the underlying layers.

  • Horizontal filter layer on green roofs between drainage and substrate layers with areas with increased loadsFiltration of particles from the substratePuncture resistance 1.700 N (EN ISO 12236)Vertical water permeability 90 l/s x m² (EN ISO 11058)10,5 bzw. 10 kN/m max. tensile strenght longitudinal/lateral


Material PP (polypropylen)
Nominal thickness approx. 1.2 mm
Grammage approx. 150 g/m²
Geotextile robustness class GRC 3
Puncture resistance 1,700 N (EN ISO 12236)
Vertical water permeability 90 l/s x m² (EN ISO 11058)