Public Roof Drivable By Trucks

  • Pedestrian areas
  • Areas accessible to cars and trucks
  • Fire accress
  • Can be combined with green surfaces on the roof
  • Shallow depth build-up and lightweight
  • Inverted roof: Suitable with Building Protection and Drainage Element FKD 25 plus and FKD 60
Weight from 600 kg/m² or 6.0 kN/m² 
Build-up depth from 310 mm
Roof pitch* 1 - 5°
Load class 3 (max. 20 t vehicle weight)

*    Roofs with zero degree falls do not meet FLL guidelines and Optigreen Systems should not be used without consultation.


  • Height 100 mm minimum
  • Surface layer (e.g. interlocking paving, slabs, concrete)

Bedding material

  • E.g. bedding stone chippings 0–5 mm (30–50 mm)
  • Screed layer for surfacing material

Base layer

  • Base layer of gravel 0–32 mm (height 150 mm minimum)
  • Provides load-bearing capacity and distribution and is used to create inclines
  • Lightweight build-up with Optipor

Building Protection and Drainage Element FKD 12

Protection, Separation and Slip Layer SGL 500 and Separation and Slip Sheet TGF 0.2