Protection and Storage Fleece RMS 500

Optigrün Protection and Storage Fleece RMS 500 protects the roof membrane or root barrier membrane against damage from light mechanical demands, separates the materials of incompatible substrates from one another and, depending on the product and its function as protective fleece, stores water.

  • Protective layer on waterproofing with an additional separating and water reservoir function
  • For separation of products made from incompatible materials
  • Fulfills the requirements of the FLL guideline
  • Puncture restistance min. 1,000 N (EN ISO 12236)
Material PP/PES/acrylic recycled fibres
Geotextile robustness
Nominal thickness approx. 4.0 mm
Grammage approx. 500 g/m²
Water reservoir approx. 3.5 l/m²