Separation and Slip Layer TGF 1.2

The Separation and Slip Layer TGF 1.2 is used as a protection and slip layer under drainage boards capable of bearing a load (FKD 10, FKD 12, FKD 25 plus and FKD 60BU).

Area of use

  • as a protection, separation and slip layer to protection the waterproofing
  • as a second slip layer in conjunction with PE film 0.2 mm under public areas to prevent the transfer of shear and tensile forces
  • for the chemically neutral separation of two incompatible materials

Specific properties

  • resistant to bitumen and polystyrene
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • smooth surface
  • ageing resistant
  • moisture-blocking
  • thermally weldable
Material Recycled polyethylene (PE)
Nominal thickness approx. 1,2 mm
Grammage approx. 1,200 g/m²
Colour black / grey