Solar green roof Solar SOLon

OPTIGRÜN-SOLAR SOLon is the ideal solution for the combination with already existing green roofs. The system can be  installed   securely in place with low loads, making it also suitable for roofs with limited static reserves. The advantages of OPTIGRÜN-SOLAR SOLon can be seen when used in combination with new or existing green roofs. The vertical mounting frame guarantees a consistent supply of light and water to the vegetation, allowing the green roof to develop optimally. The energy yield for the vertical system is comparable to a conventional east-west green roof mounting frame. It can  even minimise yield losses due to snowfall. OPTIGRÜN-SOLAR SOLon thus represents an economical solution for sustain-able urban development.


Ecological value    -  
Maintenance requirements    -  
Purchase quantity*  €/ Wp €/kWp €/m² €/module
Up to 20 kWp* 1,26 1260 126 200
From 20 kWp* 1,15 1150 115 180
From 50 kWp* 1,05 1050 105 170
*Guide prices net, incl. material (elevation, ballast feet, modules) and installation
Module technology Bifacial/TOPCon/Double Glass
Module dimensions 2011 x 415 x 7.5 mm
Module weight 14 kg
Nominal power 160 Wp
Area output 100 Wp/m²
Material mounting frame Aluminium
Material ballast foot Recycled plastic
Dimensions ballast foot 400 x 400 x 100 mm
Weight ballast foot 12 kg
System weight 12 – 22 kg/m² in addition to the green roof structure
System height 620 mm from top edge of substrate

Photovoltaic module

Mounting frame

ballast feet