Optigrün Pitched Roof Board FKD 58SD

Optigrün Pitched Roof Board FKD 58SD is used for pitched roofs with a pitch in between 15° and 30°. Made from expanded polystyrene. With precisely fitting Z-fold on top and bottom edge and lateral indentations for safe shear stress transfer in direction of the water flow; no possibility of substrate reaching the protective layer thanks to tight fit of horizontal and lateral edges. The integrated chambers provide excellent anti-slippage for the substrate, high water storage capacity and an integrated water distribution system. Lay out according to manufacturer informations with max. 80 mm overfill (incl. vegetation mat).


Material EPS (expanded polystyrene, HBCD-free)
Compressive strength filledApprox. 100 kN/m² with 9.5% compression
Water discharge capacity
(DIN EN ISO 12958)
i = 0.26 (approx. RP 15°): 1.94 l/(m*s)
Nominal thicknessapprox. 58 mm
Grammageapprox. 870 g/m²