Pitched Roof 15-45°

With Anti-Slip System S (Cable)

  • Shear stress distribution at the ridge.
  • Affordable and safe Anti-Slip System.
  • Permanent solution for green pitched roofs.
  • Generally suitable for the inverted roof; if applicable, minimum load for the wind up-lift protection has to be considered.
Ecological value
Maintenance costs
Referenzobjekt Schrägdach Aquaworld Mailand
Weight* from 100 kg/m² or 1,0 kN/m²
Build-up depth from 8 cm
Roof pitch 5 - 45°
Vegetation form sedum or sedum-herbs-grasses on higher substrate
Discharge coefficient Cs = 0,7
Water storage from 30 l/m²

* Weight specifications refer to saturated conditions; dry weight is approximately 60 - 70 % of the saturated weight

Vegetation mat

Pre-cultivated sedum mat for the rapid establishment of vegetation in order to prevent wind erosion, with decomposable carrier.

Productdetails: Vegetation mat

Drainage Condult

height-adjustable from 75–105 mm

Productdetails: Drainage Condult

Anti-Slip System S

High-tensile-strength corrosion resistant stainless steel cables fitted with shear sills

Productdetails: Anti-Slip System S

Extensive Substrate E

A substrate with high water storage capacity and good air porosity, tailored to extensive multi layer systems

Productdetails: Extensive Substrate E


Protects the roof membrane against damage Suitable for water storage and targeted discharge of surplus water, especially at the eaves.

Productdetails: Structured Storage Fleece SSV 800