Solyco Solar AG & Optigrün international AG

A forward-looking cooperation in the field of solar green roofs.

Optigrün international AG, a market leader in Europe for green roof systems and buildings, and Solyco Solar AG, a leader in renewable energy, begin a promising partnership in the field of PV systems for green roofs. Within this collaboration, the innovative product SOLon will be marketed, which was developed by Solyco in close cooperation with Optigrün.

The partnership brings together the knowledge and expertise of both companies to drive multifunctional roof use for sustainable urban development. The SOLon product is the result of intensive research and development by Solyco and was specifically designed for use on green roofs. Due to the vertical orientation and the bifaciality of the solar modules, there are two peaks in electricity production during the day. In the morning, as the sun rises, and in the afternoon, as the sun sinks and irradiates the backside. Optigrün green roofs simultaneously provide other benefits such as preservation of the natural water balance, an increase in biodiversity, compliance with discharge restrictions & reduction of the stormwater fee, as well as an increase in efficiency of the photovoltaic system due to lower surface temperatures and fine dust binding.

The alliance between Solyco and Optigrün represents a forward-thinking and progressive combination of the advantages of photovoltaics and green roofs. With Solyco's experience in the solar energy industry and Optigrün's long-standing expertise in the field of green roofs and structures, both companies are ideally positioned to offer customers high-quality, sustainable and efficient solutions.


For more information on the vertical pv system, please see our current flyer


First pilot projects in the planning phase

Currently, the new system solution Optigrün-Solar SOLon is presented at the Intersolar, the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry. The first pilot projects are already in the planning phase and will be realized during this year.

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