Optigrün-Solar SOLon


Optigrün and Solyco combine their competences and experience - Together with our cooperation partner Solyco we offer a well thought-out and economic solution for the vertical installation of bifacial photovoltaic modules on green roofs. Due to the shortage of space, the available roof areas must be used in a multifunctional way. A BIO-SOLAR ROOF unites the advantages
of green roofs and photovoltaic systems.

Cooperation for sustainable urban development

Builders, investors, planners, architects and municipalities benefit from decades of experience. As Europe's market leader in green roofs, we have been working for over 50 years to develop system solutions for livable and climate-friendly cities. Our partner Solyco has been active in the field of photovoltaics for over 20 years and is known for innovative products and forward-looking systems.

Advantages that impress

As a result of wind tunnel tests and further, extensive research, the Optigrün-Solar SOLon system is the ideal solution for combination with new or existing green roofs. The system can be installed with low loads in a secure position and can also be retrofitted on existing green roofs without any problems. Very high-quality PV modules with TOPCon solar cells in double glass are used. These are tolerant to partial shading and equipped with hail protection.

The vertical elevation of the modules ensures that the vegetation is evenly supplied with light and water. The green roof can develop unhindered and maintenance work is possible without any problems. In addition, snow depths of up to 20 cm do not result in yield losses, as the snow cannot remain on the modules.

OPTIGRÜN-SOLAR SOLon enables the vertical mounting of the bifacial PV modules in any orientation – even on a roof surface. By selecting and combining the orientations, it is possible to
achieve particularly consistent electricity production and adapt the yield profile to one’s own needs. The energy yield of the vertical system is comparable to a conventional solar green roof.

First pilot projects in the planning phase

Currently, the new system solution Optigrün-Solar SOLon is presented at the Intersolar, the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry. The first pilot projects are already in the planning phase and will be realized during this year.

Are you interested a pilot project together with us? Contact us! 


For more information on the vertical pv system, please see our current flyer