Triangle Maxi Inspection Chamber TMK FR1

Special version of the Optigreen Triangle Maxi Inspection Cham-ber TMK with perforated intermediate floor to guide excess water from higher roof areas.

Downpipe inlet chamber

  • For feeding and conveying excess water from rooftops located higher up to floors located lower down
  • Conveys water through downpipes directly into a tie-in conduit with an open inlet at the top, e.g. in case of: Cascading drainage from smaller top floors, feeds roof drainage water from downpipes on façades into drainage levels of underground car parks or similar
  • Can be connected to up to 6 WLP Plus and 3 TSK
  • With perforated sheet metal intermediate partition
  • Walkable
Material Aluminium
Drainage capacity approx. 24 l/s (with water conduits connected on all sides and 2 % slope)
Length 440 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 200 mm
Extensions available in 50 and 100 mm