Edge Inspection Chamber RKS 80

Optigrün Edge Inspection Chamber RKS 80 for use on greened or gravelled roof areas above drains on edge areas directly before any ascending structural components.

Special inspection chamber

  • Especially suitable for use around edges in front of rising components
  • Above rainage outlets for green or gravelled rooftops
  • Can be connected to 3 strands of WLP Plus Triangle Water Conduit
  • Inspection lid with entry seals
  • Insulation wedge profile released from the back
  • Walkable
Material Aluminium
Drainage capacity approx. 3,72 l/s (with 3 water conduits and 2 % gradient)
Length/width 250 x 250 mm
Floor support surface 310 x 280 mm
Height 80 mm
Extensions in 50 and 100 mm available