Water Retention Box WRB 80F

Water Retention Box made of recycled HDPE material. With high temporary and possibly permanent retention volume in combination with a Flow Control System for specific regulation of water discharge and/or water storage.

  • For temporary and/or permanent storage of rainwater with regulated water discharge through a Flow Control System
  • With Capillary Columns to transport stored rainwater from the drainage level into the substrate layer and to increase evaporation (accessories)
  • Flow Control-independent water storage of 3 l/m² or 6 l/m², depending on the laying side
  • With freely flowable structure for quick distribution of rainwater within the retention room
  • Low delivery costs due to delivery in open state, laying state folded together
  • Suitable for inverted roofs (when used on inverted insulation, no permanent water storage is possible)
  • Has a European Technical Assessment (ETA-13/0557) as part of the Optigrün system solutions
Material  Recycled HDPE
Nominal thickness approx. 80 mm
Grammage (laying state) approx. 3.6 kg/m²
Retention volume approx. 72 l/m²
Cavity volume approx. 90 Vol.%
Water discharge capacity
(DIN EN ISO 12958)
i = 0.01 (= 1% roof pitch): 2.5 l/(m*s)
Compressive strength
(DIN ISO 25619-2)
approx. 100 kN/m²