Protection and Drainage Board FKD 10UK

Optigrün Protection and Drainage Board FKD 10UK as a drainage element under floor surfaces used on foot and under vegetation areas with no need for water reservoir but increased pressure load.



  • Open to diffusion
  • Incl. PP thermally strenghtended with 75 l/m² x s flow rate (GRC 2)
  • On roof surfaces wiht a minimum of 2 % regular gradient of the sealing plane
  • Prevents accumulation of water
  • Without water reservoir functíon
Material Recycled HDPE (napped sheet)
PP (fleece
Nominal thickness approx. 10 mm


ca. 740 g/m2 (total)
Water discharge capacity
(DIN EN ISO 12958)
ca. 0,45 l/s x m
(at 2 % roof pitch)
Max. compressive strenght
(DIN EN ISO 25619-2)
approx. 400 kN/m2 (40 t/m2) with 18 % compression