Fall Protection

Roofs can be hazardous work spaces. In order to protect the people involved in care and maintenance work the risk of accidents must be reduced by implementing preventive measures.

Danger zone = need of action

Preventive measures must be implemented if the fall height is greater than two meters or the work takes place less than two meters away from the edge of the roof.

Planning and Responsibility

The building owner or contracted safety coordinator must create a list that contains all necessary works that need to be carried out for the desired construction goal and describe their extent in the best way possible so that preventive measures may be taken against falling. During the construction phase of a roof there usually is scaffolding that is sufficient for fall protection. After the construction phase fall protection systems need to be installed to ensure fall protection is in place at all times.

Railing SkyGard

Railing secured by superimposed load for terraces and roof gardens for permanent use. SkyGard (pdf)

Product Solution Optisafe

Anchor points secured by superimposed load and used with personal protective equipment (PPE) for maintenance and care.
Optigrün international AG offers a variety of solutions through Optisafe which are all based on the same principle: fall protection system secured by superimposed load of the green roof; does not damage the roof membrane. There are four Optisafe variants which are used in different scenarios: