World Green Roof Day, 6th June 2023

Date for the diary - 6th June 2023

First established in 2020, World Green Roof Day was created to raise awareness of the many benefits green roofs can bring all around the world.  

Get involved and help us spread the word by sharing your own green roof projects, images, roof tours or events across social media. Make sure you use the hashtag #WGRD2023

Here are a lot of fantastic activities and events planned to help celebrate this day, here a few highlights: 

The Eve of World Green Roof Day CPD Event

Optigrun will be participating in ‘The Eve of World Green Day’ hosted by DCE CPD.

Taking place on 5th June, this unique event brings together leading industry experts who will provide free online CPD sessions covering all aspects of green roofing. This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your knowledge on the principles of a green roof, how they are constructed, and the many ecological benefits they provide.  
Please click here to register for free.

Tales from Mother Earth

Optigrun are thrilled to be silver sponsors of the new Children’s book from Tales from Mother Earth, ‘Journey to the Green Roof.’ Published in conjunction with GRO (Green Roof Organisation), this is a story about Freya the bee and Sarah the ladybird who go on an adventure to find a new home and discover the wonders of green roofs.  

A few words from Author Jenny Bailey “'Right from the start of this amazing project I was very keen to engage children in understanding the many benefits of a green roof, particularly in exploring what they hold for nature. By the very aspect of them being green and having plants growing on them you are giving something back to biodiversity and that is so important in today's environment especially for our pollinators who are having such a hard time finding a food source.”  

On World Green Roof Day, 560 copies of the book will be donated to schools and community groups. You can also purchase your own copy with proceeds of each sale going to a new GRO Education Fund.