Specifying Optigruen not only guarantees high quality products and well-designed green roof solutions, but also gives you the opportunity to use the expertise of the Optigruen Partner Network to ensure first class installation.


Technický poradce pro zelené střechy (m/ž) pro Českou a Slovenskou republiku

Máte zájem o poradenství při projektování a realizaci zelených střech, které přispívají k udržitelnému rozvoji našich měst ? – Potom jste u nás správně!

Neboť my denně pracujeme na tom, aby naše vesnice a města byla trochu zelená a příjemná pro život a podílíme se na boji proti změnám klimatu. Díky silnému svazu

partnerských fi rem a úzké a přátelské spolupráci mezi námi a našimi obchodními partnery jsme se stali vedoucím poskytovatelem systémových řešení zelených střech

na evropském trhu . Těšíme se na kreativní, inovativní a komunikativní osobnost, která se bude s námi podílet na další úspěšné činnosti.


Green Roof Q&A with Managing Director of Optigreen Ltd, Nick Day

Interview with Managing Director of Optigreen Ltd, Nick Day.


No Such Thing as No Maintenance for Green Roofs

A green roof has been installed on the building you have bought or leased. Now you just leave it to do its’ own thing and it won’t need maintaining…right? Wrong! Unfortunately, too often this is the fate facing a green roof and as a consequence many are not performing or looking as they should. The reality, however, is that all that is actually required are regular and occasional maintenance visits.



We are delighted to share that Optigrün green roof systems and products can now be found on SpecifiedBy - the UK’s leading building product research platform for Architects & specifiers.




We are thrilled to announce that our Norfolk based project, Salthouse, has won an award for the 'Best Use of a Pitched Green Roof System' at the RCI Magazine Pitched Roofing Awards alongside Optigrün partner Bridgman and Bridgman.


We’ve been shortlisted!

Optigrün are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Pitched Roofing Awards 2021 in the ‘Best use of green roof’ category!


Launch of new GRO code 2021

Today sees the launch of the new Green Roof Code 2021. The GRO code outlines best practice for design, specification, installation and maintenance of green roofs and can be downloaded from the GRO website.


New solar support systems for green roofs from Optigrün

There are many advantages to the combination of green roofs and photovoltaics, often referred to as biosolar roofs. Evaporative cooling of vegetation leads to an increase in the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. At the same time, the green roof makes an important contribution to preserving the natural water balance and increasing biodiversity.


New Case Study: Passivhaus Plus School with Solar Green roof

Last year Optigreen worked alongside partner company DF Roofing on the Hackbridge Primary School in Mitcham (London). The building has been designed by Architype to be the first Passivhaus Plus school in the UK. The aim was to effectively meet net-zero carbon targets by combining the Passivhaus levels of energy-efficiency by using renewables to generate as much energy as the building consumes throughout the year.


Opti News: Summer 2020 edition available for download

The summer 2020 edition of Opti News covers a company update regarding Coronavirus, as well as information on exhibitions Optigreen are participating in and some exciting new case studies.


GRO achieves trade association status

The Green Roof Organisation (GRO), the independent UK body which represents the industry, has now become a fully-fledged trade association.

Green Roof Organisation


OPTI NEWS – Optigreens Spring Newsletter is now available for download here

The beginning of this year has seen us face unprecedented circumstances and we are all having to get accustomed to different ways of working due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are doing our best to keep in regular contact and update our customers as best we can and maintain all our regular forms of correspondence such as this newsletter


New Blue Roof CPD from Optigreen

Green roofs are already known for their ability to attenuate water, but this can now be enhanced with blue roof technology. Therefore, Optigreen has released a new RIBA approved Blue Roof article.